Cat hair and dander

Scientific name: Felis catus

Common name: Cat

Family: Felidae


The domestic cat is a small, furry, carnivore mammal. Like other felidae, the cat has a strong and flexible body, quick reflexes, retractable claws and teeth adapted to killing small prey. The cat is currently the most popular pet in the world.

It has been shown that subjects that are allergic to cats also have a reaction to the “big cats”, such as leopards, tigers and lions.

Distribution: Throughout Italy. 

Period of allergen exposure: All year round, as the allergens are present in skin, saliva and urine.

Allergy testing: Sensitization to allergens from cat epithelial derivatives  is strongly associated with asthma. The presence of pets increases the incidence of asthmatic symptoms in children, and children sensitized to cat allergens are more likely to develop severe asthma than children who are not.

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