Polistes dominulus europeo Allergen Datasheet

Scientific name: Polistes dominulus

Common name: Mediterranean Paper Wasp

Family: Vespidae


Polistes dominulus is an insect that is found throughout Europe and particularly in the Mediterranean areas. The body length of this wasp is between 1.2 and 1.7 cm, with yellow and black coloring. It is found in both plains and hills. It is a predator of various types of insects and nests preferably in very sunny and warm places (air spaces under roof tiles, metal or plastic boxes, greenhouses, abandoned, enclosed places, etc.). Wasps live in colonies of about fifty adults during the maximum development period.

Distribution: Throughout Italy.

Period of allergen exposure:  From March to September/October.

Allergy testing: Allergic reactions to vespid venom can be severe enough to cause anaphylactic shock, which can be fatal. Other species of Polistes are widespread across the American continent and are not present in Europe. Recent studies have confirmed that the European and American species belong to different subgenera and are phylogenetically distant. Cross-reactivity between allergens of European and American species of Polistes is only partial; therefore, in Europe, it is essential to use venom from the European species for the preparation of the active substance to obtain an immunological response that can safely protect the patient in the case of a subsequent sting.

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