Alternaria Allergen Datasheet

Scientific name: Alternaria tenuis

Common name: Fungus, mold

Family: Pleosporaceae


Alternaria tenuis grows in soil, on compost, rotted wood, and on many plants. It is also found in water condensation on windows and most of the concentrations inside buildings is caused by primary external sources.

Alternaria tenuis colonies are gray/green or brown in color.

Diffusion:  Throughout Italy.

Period of allergen exposure: mycophyta are indoor and outdoor fungi.

In temperate climates, the spores of Alternaria are present from May to November, with peaks in late summer and autumn. This fungus shows the longest period of air borne  spores, which can spread over hundreds of kilometers from the source, despite their size.

Allergy testing: Mold (or mycophyta) spores are often the cause of respiratory allergies. 



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