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Anallergo has been active in the pharmaceutical industry for many years and is particularly involved in the field of allergies and allergy treatments.

Anallergo’s main focus has always centered on the problems of allergies, and thanks to more than ten years experience, Anallergo plays a major role in in vivo allergy diagnostics and immunotherapy treatments of allergies, offering allergists standardized products that are safe and effective.

Our professional experience, along with our vast knowledge of allergens, is extremely important in the production of allergenic extracts used in allergy treatments.

Our current production is directed toward subcutaneous immunotherapy (SCIT) and sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT), thus the allergy specialist can choose the best treatment based on patient needs.

Diagnostics and treatment are available for the main allergens, such as dust mites, gramineae, wall pellitory, cypress and epithelial derivatives.
Anallergo also developed a line of research on allergic reactions to hymenoptera venom and is today one of the few companies able to offer a complete range of venom extracts from the European hymenoptera, including the European hornet, the Polistine wasp, the bee and wasp.


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